Hafiz Ehsan Qadri – Fri 8.11.19

Hafiz Ehsan Qadri From Sri Lanka will be leading Jummah at Harrow Central Mosque this week, 8th November 2019.
We warmly welcome him to Harrow and are honoured and humbled to be hosting him.

Hazrat Allama Hafiz Muhammad Ehsan Iqbal Qadiri is Sri Lankan and his origins hail from Gujrat, India. He received ijazah’s (permission) from well-known Scholars of the Aqeedah of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. He follows the Hanafi Fiqh.

In promoting Islam as a religion of Love, Peace & Tolerance, he has conducted many training programs on Da’wah & Islamic teachings in English in Sri Lanka and also some special programs in Urdu and Memon languages in many parts of India, such as Gujarat, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Madurai, Banglore etc as well as in few parts of Japan such as Osaka, Isesaki, Kawasaki

He received the title of Hafiz by completing the memorisation of the entire Holy Quran at Darul Uloom Amjadia, Karachi, Pakistan & Hafiz Ehsan Qadiri graduated from Madrasa Faiz e Raza, Colombo, Sri Lanka as a certified Aalim/ Scholar in Islamic Sciences specialising on the Hanafi Fiqh.

He currently conducts regular lectures in Urdu at the SLBC (Sri Lanka broadcasting corporation) & concentrate on many other activities in Islamic Da’wah trainings as well,

Amongst the positions he has held,

He is currently a Teacher at the Fath’Hus Salam Arabic College on the subject on Aqeedah and Thafsir.
He Serves as a Katheeb at the Shaykh Usman masjid in Dewatagaha, Colombo.

He is attached the to the board of Scholars of Pearls of Madina, an Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah group in UK.

He serves as a board member for Ehthihad Ahlissunnath Wal Jama Association.

He’s a member of the Ahlussunnath wal Jama Majlisul Ulema board of Scholars in Sri Lanka.

A Board member of the Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan movement in Bangalore.

Serves as a Consultant Advisor for a Listed Investment organisation in Sri Lanka.

A Self-motivated individual who is an Entrepreneur himself.

He has won countless awards of which include:
Winner of the Aala Hazrath Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan International Scholar award in 2015/16.
Winner of the Sher-e-Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama, The Lion of AhusSunnah Wal Jama at the Shaykh Seyed Musa Qadiri Uroos in Madras 2015/16.