The Creation of the Universe – Khurram Elahi

Respected Brother Khurram Elahi visited Harrow Central Mosque and delivered Jummah Bayan and a Speech after maghrib on many philosophical topics and their relation and standing in Islam including the Creation of the Universe.

These have been recorded and posted on our YouTube and Facebook pages

Jummah Bayan :

Speech after Maghrib:

Khurram Ellahi is a PhD Scholar of Human Resource Management, who completed his MS and academic career with multiple Gold Medals. He has been working as motivational speaker while capitalizing on his love for literature and natural sciences. He has been mastering to amalgamate scattered knowledge at one place, he has also been delivering lectures on how one science or subject can resolve the problem of other science or subject e.g. Physics and Poetry.   Hence helping students and trainees to encompass knowledge in totality rather than in boxes.

Khurram has various research papers published in realm of fiction and management sciences, Quran and workplace Diversity, Servant leadership, Leadership from poetic work of Iqbal etc.  Khurram has completed first book from Pakistan which looks at Business & Management through lens of poetry (Managers as Little Prince)

He is also doing a philosophical TV show on PTV Home titled Nukta.



Feb 08 2019


12:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Harrow Central Mosque
34 Station Road