August 15, 2022

17 Muharram 1444

Zuhr Iqamah

1:30 pm

5 Hours 29 Minutes
Begins4:03 am5:46 am1:11 pm6:08 pm8:24 pm9:32 pm
Iqamah5:00 am1:30 pm6:30 pm8:29 pm10:00 pm
Jumuah 1:30 & 2:30 PM
-: Important Announcement :-
New Jummah Timings from (April 01, 2022)
1st Jummah --- 01:30pm (Imam Hafiz Akram)
2nd Jummah --- 02:30pm (Imam Hamzah Hassan)
-: Important Announcement :-
HCM is pleased to announce that we are holding yet an other Nadra surgery on the 27th August for renewal and issue of new Nadra cards in the comfort of your masjid from 0900 to 1500.

You would be seen on first come first served basis.

For further information please refer to our web site and register your interest.

Make 2022 a Year of Change

2022 at HCM

Alhamdulillah Harrow Central Mosque is pleased to announce for the first time a 1 Year part time ‘Foundation Diploma in Islamic Studies’ Essentials of Islam Every Muslim Must Learn

This course is for students of all abilities and backgrounds in a low commitment and non judgmental environment.

  • Highly Structured Teaching (English)
  • 1 day a week – Part Time
  • Course notes provided
  • Open to males and female 15+
  • Low Pressure Lecture Format

Limited Places

Enrollment Now Open

Starting January 2022

Register now using the QR code or the following link:

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34 Station Road, Harrow, London, HA1 2SQ

**Asr times are according to Sunni Hanafi Fiqh i.e Mithl 2.