Funeral Arrangements Provided By HCM

A funeral can only be planned once all the correct documentation is in place. You must have a Certificate for Burial (known as the Green Form) or Order for Burial (form 101) that a coroner has issued. Otherwise a burial cannot take place. You can arrange all or any of the below either through your local mosque or through a Muslim funeral director. There are five main points for the preparation of a Muslim’s body for burial as listed below:

  • Body Washing or Ghusul
  • Shrouding the body – Kafn
  • Funeral Prayers (Janãzah Salãh)
  • Funeral procession (carrying the funeral bier to the grave)
  • Burial

Note: Also find out if the person who died had already made arrangements for burial in a particular cemetery by checking their will and/or looking through their documents.

HCM Funeral Service is a DONATION BASED service and as such has territorial restrictions. Currently we are only able to offer the service to the residents of the post codes listed below. Furthermore, this is on the premise that the deceased’s body is within the M25, all areas beyond will incur a charge to cover transport costs.

However, it is our aim to expand these services in the future to allow wider coverage. Details will follow.