Old Masjid Redevelopment

Building Work Fund Appeal
Converting the old Mosque to Flats

Alhamdulillah the Muslim community of Harrow now enjoy a purpose built mosque. One of the largest in the UK by the grace of Allah.

The redevelopment of the old Masjid continues to be a core focus and HCM remains in close discussion with the council, having independently sought professional advice and assistance to ensure the best interests of the Mosque are achieved within the parameters of the planning conditions.

The intention is to make HCM self-sufficient for the running and management cost of both buildings and not to be reliant solely on the charitable donations of the local Muslim community. 

HCM submitted two alternative concept plans to Harrow Council Planners.

Option 1: Converting the existing building into 6 flats. This option will cost about £350,000 – £400,000 according to the broad estimate by the specialists involved. This will generate income of £60,000 net per annum.

Option 2: A new building construction of 11 flats by knocking down and rebuilding on the existing site at an estimated all inclusive cost of £1.9M-£2.0M. This will generate an estimated rental income of £72,000 net per annum.

The preference is to obtain approval for option 1 that requires a lower investment and quicker payback of the invested capital amount; it will be quicker to complete and hence generate an earlier rental income. Following several metting and consultations between HCM, its professional advisors and Harrow Council, we are now quite optimistic about getting final planning approval for this option.