Air Conditioning Funds

Alhamdulillah, firstly by the grace of Allah and by the generosity of the community, HCM has completed the installation of a much needed supplementary AC system in the Men’s prayer hall and a brand new AC system in the Ladies prayer hall.

For many years HCM has had inadquete and unreliable AC facilites in the main Men’s prayer hall, and none at all in the Ladies prayer hall. The prayer halls would often become very hot and stuff during large congregational prayers such as taraweeh and jummah, particularly in the summer months.

These new systems would have cost us £300,00 but by the mercy of Allah we managed to get all the work completed for £75,000.

This money has been given to the masjid as a Qard-e-Hasana, a goodly loan, which the Masjid has commited to repay.

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